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Shelby Township has an open burning ordinance which must be reviewed here prior to submitting an application for a bonfire permit.



Sec. 26-1. - Open burning.

(a)  Prohibited. No person shall cause or permit any open burning of fuel, garbage or other combustible refuse or waste material, including by any way of description but not by way of limitation, leaves, grass, brush, lake weeds and tree clippings.

(b)  Exceptions. This section shall not be construed to prohibit the following:

(1)  Charcoal or nonash fuel fires. Open fires fueled by charcoal or a non-ash-producing fuel for use on private properties for the exclusive preparation of food for human consumption, highway safety flares, smudge pots, and similar occupational needs.

(2)  Wildlife management and disease control. Open fires for recognized silvicultural, range or wildlife management practices, prevention or control of disease or pests, with a permit authorized and issued by the fire department.

(3)  Bonfires. Open fires for bonfires which do not exceed three feet in height nor five feet in diameter, nor to burn after 11:00 p.m., with a permit authorized and issued by the fire department. Fuel for a bonfire shall consist only of seasoned dry firewood and ignited with a small quantity of paper.

(4)  Heat building materials and warm workers. Non-ash-producing fuels used not less than 15 feet from combustible materials when used in metal containers for heating of building materials, and for the warmth of workers, with a permit authorized and issued by the fire department.

(5)  Outdoor fireplace, etc. A contained outdoor fire, using seasoned dry firewood or artificial logs and ignited with a small quantity of paper, burning in a commercially available outdoor fireplace, fire tray, or chiminea, that prevents hot ash from escaping, kept at least 15 feet away from any structure and not located under any combustible material.

(c)  Permits. The regulation and authorization of permits allowing open burning in subsection (b) of this section shall be in the exclusive control of the fire department and/or supervisor.

(Code 1974, § 8-03.04; Amd. of 11-5-2003; Ord. No. 258, § 7, 11-3-2010)

State Law reference— Open burning of leaves and grass clippings, MCL 324.11522, MSA 13A.11522.


Secs. 26-2—26-30. - Reserved.


Bonfire permits are now issued annually. They expire on December 31st of the year of issue. There is a $25.00 charge per permit, payable by cash or check. Click the link below to print permit, then hand deliver completed permit, along with payment, to Shelby Township Fire Station Headquarters at 6345 23 Mile Road during regular business hours. Payment must be made at the time of application. Allow 2-3 business days for processing.

Click Here for printable Permit