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Waste Services


Shelby Township's waste collection provider is GFL Environmental Services, for more information about GFL Services, please contact them directly at (866) 772-8900. 


If your trash pick up falls on or after a holiday, your pick up will be delayed one day later that week only for the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

GFL Services offers a 10% senior citizen discount for all single-family residential customers 60 years old and older.  Please call (866) 772-8900 for more information.


As of 2012, the Annual Payment Incentive program was implemented to benefit residents that would like to pay for their solid waste collection service on an annual basis in advance. At the beginning of each contract year (every July 1), residents that pay for 11 months of service are eligible to receive the 12th month free if they meet the payment requirements.

To be eligible for the Annual Payment Incentive, GFL Services must receive payment for the eleven month period by the due date of July 1st of the contract year.  Should payment not be received by the established due date, residents will not be entitled to the Annual Payment Incentive and will be responsible for the entire twelve month period, billed quarterly for the remainder of the contract year.  All penalties set forth in the Shelby Township Bid Specifications, Contract Document and Code of Ordinance, Chapter 62, will apply to all unpaid balances.

Please place household solid waste out in your 95 gallon cart(s), plastic bags and/or up to 32 gallon plastic or metal containers, 3-4 feet from mailboxes, trees, shrubs, vehicles or other obstructions by 7:00A.M on your collection day.

To provide a safe environment in every neighborhood, please remove containers from the collection point as soon as possible following collection. To eliminate spillage and possible injury, please do not overload containers. Weight limit on 95 gallon carts should not exceed two hundred pounds. Should you place out for collection 32 gallon metal or plastic containers the weight limit should not exceed 50 pounds, container and contents.


We cannot accept any hazardous chemicals that the USEPA considers dangerous and that can catch fire, react or explode when mixed with other substances or if it is corrosive or toxic during the normal weekly collection schedule. This may include: Ammunition, antifreeze, fire extinguishers, gasoline, lacquers, oils, or any other product labeled dangerous, flammable, combustible, poisonous or corrosive.

Disposal of hazardous chemicals with your regular household trash is strictly prohibited. Liquid, powder and/or granular substances, when placed in a plastic bag or carts, could catch fire, cause an explosion, burn or spray when it is compacted into our vehicles or mix with other products and cause serious injury and even fatalities. Please read all directions and precautions prior to use. Whenever you need to discard containers and/or products leftover, please read all warnings and dispose of according to the manufactures recommendations.

Please keep in mind that an essential component of your solid waste program is the annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day that is provided by the Contractor and the Township. Most of the items listed above can be disposed of at the annual collection event that is held the last Saturday of April.


: Porcelain products can cause serious injury when broken and placed out for collection. If you do have a porcelain product, such as a toilet, sink or tub, and it is broken, please beware and take adequate precautions. Whenever possible, please tape cardboard over the sharp edges and mark accordingly.

BROKEN GLASS: If you need to dispose of broken glass, please wrap in several layers of newspaper and mark “Broken Glass Enclosed.” *Please never place broken glass or other sharp objects in plastic bags.

TRAVEL TIPS: We all share the roadways we travel. Please be extremely careful when approaching one of our trucks, slow down and expect the unexpected. The safety of our employees, customers and the general public is of the utmost importance. We have a zero tolerance for unsafe acts by our employees. If you experience any difficulties, please contact our Customer Care Center at 866.772.8900.

LATEX PAINT: Shelby Township residents served by Green for Life Environmental Services (GFL) may bring latex paint to Household Hazardous Waste Day for disposal. Latex paint can also be disposed of with your regular household trash if dried or solidified as follows before you set it out at the point of collection. If you only have a small amount of paint left, you can allow it to dry out. Find an area protected from children, pets and the weather but with adequate ventilation. Remove the lid and allow the paint to dry. This works well for small quantities, such as an inch or two. When the paint is thoroughly dry, the remaining hardened material can be placed in your 95 gallon solid waste cart. Please leave the lid off so we can see the paint has hardened. For large quantities or partially full cans, mix in equal amounts of absorbent material such as sand, oil dry or cat litter to solidify the paint prior to collection and disposal. Please remember: Do not dump paint or any other type of hazardous chemicals on the ground, down a storm drain, or sanitary sewer where it can travel directly to surface and/or ground water or any waterway.