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Glass & Metal

Curbside Recycling
Clear and colored glass (except for green) is accepted in your curbside recycling. It must be rinsed and clean. Remove lids (also recyclable). 

Green Glass:


8200 26 Mile Rd, Shelby Township


Your unwanted eyeglasses can still help other people. Glasses are accepted at our Electronics Recycling event. Please place them in the front seat and hand them to a volunteer. 

Shelby Township Police Department
52530 Van Dyke Ave., Shelby Township
Ask the desk officer to deposit glasses into collection container. Collected by the Shelby Lions Club.


Food and beverage containers should be cleaned and crushed and placed loose (no bags) in the curbside recycling. For safety purposes, please place loose metal lids inside cans, and bend so lids do not fall out. Acceptable items include steel, tin, aluminum and bi-metal cans, pots, pans, clean aluminum foil and aluminum food trays or pans.

For unwanted metals:

Great Lakes Recycling
30615 Groesbeck, Roseville
20 lb. propane cylinders are not accepted by GFL Services or at Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day.

The following companies accept these cylinders for disposal (price is subject to change):

6654 Cotter, Sterling Heights

Metropolitan Rental Co.
49260 Van Dyke Ave., Utica


When purchasing fire extinguishers, buy the best quality extinguisher you can find. Extinguishers with metal tops can be recharged, last forever & are cheaper in the long run than disposable, plastic varieties.

Fire extinguishers with metal tops can be recharged & should be tested every 5 or 6 years. Check the Yellow Pages under Fire Protection Equipment for service providers. Most service providers will accept old metal-topped extinguishers for recycling. Very old (glass) fire extinguishers must be disposed of as a hazardous waste. Do NOT throw in the trash or touch their contents.

Disposable, plastic fire extinguishers should be discharged into a trash can to depressurize and then disposed of with regular trash.