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Preserving a Better Place

The Charter Township of Shelby is a better place to live, learn, play, and do business because of its natural resources, beauty, and the people that shape the community. It is imperative that the community protect and promote the traits and histories that made the township what it is today. Guided by the principles of its four pillars - Tree City USA, Green Macomb, the Clinton River Watershed Council and Preserve America - “Preserving a Better Place” is the township’s road map to ensure future generations enjoy the same experiences we hold dear today.

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What Preserving a Better Place means

Shelby Township takes pride in the 1,100 acres of parkland available and in 2017 we took steps to improve. We're happy to announce we've become part of Tree City USA - a beneficial qualification that recognizes steps taken to protect and preserve trees in communities given by the Arbor Day Foundation. To learn more, check out their website below.


We've also teamed up with Green Macomb to protect and grow our green infrastructure and economic vitality. They've worked with us over the years to help us maintain our 35 percent canopy cover. With their help and grants, we planted 55 trees at Shepard Park on May 13, 2017 and have done more to build a natural ecosystem for our trees. 

"It's not as easy as digging a hole and putting a tree in the hole," Township Supervisor Rick Stathakis said in a press release last year. "There are a lot of factors that go into selecting the right tree and ensuring it's given the care to establish itself and do the most good for our environment and township."

With help from Green Macomb, the township is doing more to ensure proper tree health and placement. This includes educating staff in when and how to properly remove trees.

The Clinton River Watershed Council is in charge of keeping our river clean. We've adopted their WaterTowns program in 2016 to better develop, manage and protect the river and its resources. The Clinton River connects us to other communities and this program is a joint effort to keep the water clean and safe for all residents.


Shelby Township has a rich history and, with the help of the township's Historical Committee, it became part of the Preserve America program since 2015. This grant allows the township to help preserve the rich history of the area and allows it to be easier for local residents to access. We're excited to focus more on this aspect of our community and continue to share the stories that made Shelby Township what it is today.

Join the township all Spring and Summer long in the new effort to keep our living space green and vibrant by attending our numerous events or educating yourselves on proper tree care. We've got information about historical sites all over the township and are hosting a variety of activities for all residents. Everyone is welcomed to join in to help clean up our parks and rivers. See our Event Calendar to check out what's next in preserving our township.