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Freedom of Information Act Request Form





Zip Code:



The FOIA requires a public body to give copies of documents to the requestor.  Description of documents requested. (Please make as detailed as possible. Do not press enter or use carriage return within this box)

FOIA Requests – Fee Schedule

  • Copy Paper:                                     $0.10 per sheet  
  • Photo Paper                                     $1.81 per sheet
  • Blueprint Copy:                                $2.00 per sheet
  • CD’s                                                 $0.12 each
  • Vinyl CD Sleeve                               $0.07 each           
  • Postage                                           Actual USPS Cost
  • Labor Research/Duplication/ Redaction: $20.18 per hour ($16.68 wage/$3.50 fringe benefits) you will be notified prior to the processing of this request of this wage rate differs.
  •  Printed Aperture Cards: $5.50 per card + labor @ $20.18/hr + $7.13 mileage. You will be required to pay the estimated cost prior to the duplication of your requested cards. 

Copying Options: (Please check one):
Please provide a copy of the requested record.
Please allow me the opportunity to inspect the requested public record prior to copying.
NOTE:  You will be charged for labor even if you do not want a copy of the documents.

Mailing Options: (Please check one):
Call me at the number above so I can pick the documents up.
Mail the documents to me. (You will be charged postage.)
Email the response to me if possible
Fax the results to me at . (You will be billed for charges incurred.)

Payment: (Please check one):
I understand that the public body will charge me a fee for copying, searching, reviewing, mailing, separating and deleting exempt material.
I, the Requester, have attached an “Affidavit of Indigence” or am requesting on behalf of a qualified non-profit organization and ask the Public Body to furnish the material(s) without charge for the first $50 of the required fees.

I understand that by submitting an electronic Freedom of Information Act request the public body has 6 business days to respond, but may request an extension of 10 additional days if needed.