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Shelby Township joins effort to reduce wastewater flowing into damaged sewer

Following the failure of the 11-foot diameter drain near 15 mile and Utica roads in Fraser , Shelby Township is joining an effort spanning approximately 150,000 homes and 300,000 residents in Macomb County to reduce the wastewater flowing into the damaged sewer.

The effort is just to curb any unnecessary wastewater flow such as running sinks or leaking faucets. The damage to the sewer line in Fraser has no effect on the county or township’s water supply, and there are no concerns with water quality resulting from the sewer line failure.

Per the Macomb County Department of Public Works (MCDPW), work at the site of the 15 Mile Sewer/Sinkhole continues round the clock. To aid in the MCDPW’s efforts, homes and businesses served by the damaged sewer line are urged to conserve water usage.

While there is some flow through the damaged sections of the sewer, the MCDPW is working to bypass the damaged sections with piping that will once again deposit the flow back into the main sewer line downstream from the damaged section.

Short-, mid- and long-term solutions are planned and being implemented, but there is an immediate need to reduce the flow of wastewater so this flow doesn’t end up in rivers, streams, and basements.

The MCDPW has reluctantly discharged sanitary sewer overflow into alternative areas to prevent basement flooding, and with the help of homes and businesses served by the damaged sewer line the hope is to minimize the possibility of having to do so again.

Communities served by the sewer line include Chesterfield Township, Clinton Township, Fraser, Harrison Township, Lenox Township, Macomb Township, New Haven, Selfridge ANG Base, Shelby Township, Sterling Heights, Utica and Washington Township.

The MCDPW has established a phone line dedicated to answering any questions about the conservation initiative, and it is (586) 493-6744.

The MCDPW is asking that conservation efforts continue through January 2017, unless otherwise notified. This request for your help in this matter doesn’t apply to those homes and businesses that use septic systems.

For water conservation tips from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, visit