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West Bay Exploration Company "intends to conduct well completion beginning in early May"

West Bay Exploration Company has indicated through its attorney that it, “intends to conduct well completion and testing operations on the Nino Homes 1-6 Well beginning in early May.”

The letter, dated April 30, is the first formal information the Charter Township of Shelby has received from West Bay Exploration on its intentions to pursue operations a the well site located near 25 Mile and Dequindre roads.

In a May 1 follow-up letter, West Bay exploration's attorney said, "West Bay's completion rig and large water hauling trucks will use haul routes that have been submitted to and approved by the Macomb County Road Commission. MSDS documents will be posted at the entrance to the access drive to this site and will be provided to the Township Fire Chief."


In an April 27, 2015 letter to residents in the area, West Bay Exploration Vice President Patrick Gibson stated the plans to return to the Shelby Township well site were coordinated and outlined through meetings with residents in the area and State Representative Peter Lucido.

Per Shelby Township’s zoning ordinances regarding hydrocarbon exploration, and related activities, Township Attorney Rob Huth informed West Bay that Shelby Township will exercise its, “constitutional mandate to protect public health, safety, and welfare of the residents and the environment regarding haul routes, potential for environmental impact and need for emergency procedures and remediation contingency plans, prevention of nuisance noise, light, odors, dust/traffic, vibration and pollution, disclosure of hazardous material on-site and hauled on public right of ways, etc.”

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