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A Better Place To Do Business: Business Districts

The Charter Township of Shelby is home to several vibrant business districts that offer different options for commercial and industrial development with easy access to the Township's first-rate infrastructure of roads, sidewalks and parks as well as its affluent, vibrant residential neighborhoods and communities.

23 Mile Road Commercial and Industrial Corridor
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The 23 Mile Road Commercial and Industrial Corridor offers Shelby Township's best combination of commercial, office, and industrial sites.

Ideal for small- to medium-sized companies, this business district caters to any organization that wishes to have it's offices or headquarters located in Shelby Township.

Expressway access, open spaces, and it's mix of industry makes this the perfect setting for any starting enterprise with an eye on expansion. 

Shelby Parkway Corporate Park
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The Shelby Parkway Corporate Park is one of Macomb County's fastest growing premiere corporate headquarter locations.

Highly visible from M-53, and already occupied by some of the biggest manufacturing brands in the nation, this district offers an ideal location for any organization looking for a high-profile setting with easy access to all that Shelby Township has to offer. 

The Shelby Parkway Business District has a tax abatement in place for qualified manufacturing users and offers real estate sites starting at 6 acres up to 47 acres.


26 Mile Road Business District 
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The 26 Mile Road Business District is made up of primarily retail, restaurants, and medical services.

With over 30 acres of open real estate, this district is perfect for business owners looking for a location among Shelby Township's most affluent neighboorhoods. Within a 3 mile radius, the median household income is $72,134. 

Lakeside Boulevard and Hall Road Business District 
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The Lakeside Boulevard and Hall Road Business District is made up of primarily retail services.

Its proximity to the expressways, malls, Henry Ford Macomb Hospital and the 23 Mile Road District make this business district ideal for any organization trying to reach a large group of Shelby Township's residents, employees, and visitors.  

More than 100,000 people live within a 3-mile radius of the district. Traffic flows are bolsterd by regualr heavy traffic on Hall Road, and Hayes Road sees volumes of 15,490 vehicle per day north of Lakeside Boulevard and 14,390 vehicles per day south of Lakeside Boulevard.

Downtown Van Dyke Corridor/Town Center
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Located in the heart of Shelby Township, the Downtown Van Dyke Corridor will soon become the destination for shopping, entertainment business, dining, civic functions, culture, and the arts.

As the principal business district, the Van Dyke corridor offers affordable office options, has a number of lots ready for new offices and businesses, contains a variety of restaurants and retail, and is just blocks from more.

The corridor is also home to the Downtown Development Authority, which is dedicated to creating a sense of identity for the Township and promoting economic growth within the business district. Speahaeded by the DDA, a new "Town Center" will soon offer innovative businesses a true, mixed-use, walkable neighborhood within Shelby Township.

The urban energy will combine with suburban convenience to make an ideal location for offices, retailers, restaurants, entertainment venues, and residential alternatives.   

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