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Heritage Garden


The beautiful Heritage Garden is maintained by the Shelby Gardeners Club. Serene and stunning, the location is commonly used for relaxation as well as photography sessions. It is located behind the Municipal Offices at 52700 Van Dyke Ave. south of 24 Mile Road and sits adjacent to a 2.5 acre spring-fed lake. As a testament to all the hard work performed by volunteers in maintaining and enhancing Shelby Township's natural beauty, SGC has donated the unique sculpture, "Petal Point" to reside at Heritage Garden.

SGC sculpture

New fountain planter welcomes Heritage Gardens visitors

The entrance to Heritage Gardens has been enhanced thanks to a $1,610 donation from the Shelby Community Foundation. The donation covered the club’s purchase of a six-foot concrete three-tier fountain, which was converted into the focus planter at the sidewalk entrance to Heritage Gardens.