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Upcoming Gardeners Club Meetings and Events

The public is invited to our one-hour community lectures, 1 p.m. at the Shelby Township Activities Center at 14975 21 Mile Road. A $3 donation supports the club's ongoing service ventures. For further information, contact Linda Pelloni 586-924-9961.

Spring Clean Up with Sue Keehn
Feb. 13, Shelby Township Activities Center
Sue explores steps to prepare garden beds for thriving flowers and foliage. She will touch on soil, plant placement, maintenance and continuous color. Included will be suggested plants and their benefits for the new season.

The Art of Garden Design - Wendy Davis, Art Historian
March 12, Shelby Township Activities Center

“All gardening is a landscape painting ...just like  a landscape hung up (on a wall),” Alexander Pope, 1734.

Wendy presents how art has impacted garden design, exploring famous gardens, including those created by artists. Come see the work of Piet Oudolf and preview his upcoming  his Belle Isle metamorphosis.

Winning Annuals and Perennials for Michigan Gardeners with Sue Grubba
Apr. 9, Shelby Township Activities Center

Nesting Birds and Their Mating Behaviors - Bob Gors, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited
May 14, Shelby Township Activities Center
His presentation includes a variety of bird books and supplies. 

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away - Jean Persely
June 11, Shelby Township Activities Center
Rainwater is typically managed via storm drains or ditches that transfers the unfiltered water directly to our creeks, rivers and lakes. Along the way, the rain picks up various pollutants, trash, excess fertilizer from lawns, sidewalks and streets. This causes watershed issues for aquatic species as well as communities who utilize this water for drinking water. Learn how to create a rain garden in your yard to protect the watershed. Why should I have a rain garden? What is one? What are the benefits? How does it function? How large should it be? Join us to be inspired to create a rain garden in your yard!