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Shelby Township has experienced unprecedented growth in its recent efforts to diversify its tax base and economy.

On this page you will be able to find a list of recent and future development projects and information regarding each project.

Whether it be one of many advanced manufacturing facilities in Cherry Creek Corporate park, an exciting commercial redevelopment on Van Dyke Ave. in the township's Downtown Development Authority, our community's newest residential neighborhood or the trend-setting plans in the township's award-winning Town Center development, this section gives you a behind the scenes look at evolving face of Shelby Township.

For more information on any of the projects listed here contact the Planning and Zoning Department at (586) 726-7243.

 JVIS  JVIS-USA -- 52048 Shelby Parkway
pf  Planet Fitness -- 8260 23 Mile Road
bh Shelby Town Center -- Hall Road