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Economic Development

With a working partnership between local government and business, Shelby Township is an integral part of the growth of the metro Detroit and Michigan economy.  

Through initiatives such as tax incentives and constantly improving and expanding Township infrastructure, the Township’s Board of Trustees has cemented relationships with some of the top industrial firms in the nation including: Fori Automation; Dan’s Excavating; Century Plastics; Florence Cement; U.S. Farathane; General Dynamics; Models and Tools; Smith Brothers Tools; Eagle Manufacturing; Plastic Trends; KUKA Robotics; Avon Gear; Lube Power.  

Whether it is a new company or an established firm looking to expand, Shelby Township offers personalized services to meet industry demands in the most cost-effective means possible. New businesses work with Township staff to help with permitting processes, workforce screening and training programs to ensure every business has the best possible start when taking root in Shelby Township.

By working with businesses, the Shelby Township Board of Trustees and the staff the township's Planning and Zoning, Assessing and Building departments give all types and sizes of businesses many exciting tools for success within the community's borders. Many of these tools as well as portals for information of current development projects and industries that are developing major niches in the township can be found from this Economic Development portal to help you business become the next Shelby Township success story.


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