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Corporate Relocations and Business Growth

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The Shelby Township Planning and Zoning Department has a talented staff to help companies determine how they can maximize business growth and potential in Shelby Township. Contact Planning Director Glenn Wynn and his staff to discuss plans and options for corporate relocations.

The Planning and Zoning Department is ready to listen to your ideas and financial realities when considering corporate relocations or small business growth options. If your company has a legitimate financial gap, and the decision comes to relocate business or not, incentives are lucrative, powerful and can turn an upside down site or building right side up for you. To those wishing to relocate or expand a business, incentives can make unaffordable purchases of new machinery and equipment very affordable.

First, we want to know who you are, so we can direct you to the appropriate tool: please call (586) 726-7243 to speak to one of our qualified staff members.