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Develop in Shelby Township

The Charter Township of Shelby offers many opportunities for individuals and development professionals to profit from redevelopment and development in its community.

Whether it’s the development of a single family home, a redevelopment for an existing commercial or industrial property or a new facility, Shelby Township can offer development and redevelopment incentives to help make your project more successful.

Typically, a person or firm will identify a property in the township that is available for sale and contact the Shelby Township Planning and Zoning Department to find out how the township can help them redevelop the site.

The township also receives contacts from Realtors and Brokers calling on behalf of clients who desire to purchase for redevelopment. Often our ability to assist with development can make the difference on a potential buyer's decision to make an offer and/or close the deal on a property.

Since each property and development project is unique, it is best to contact the Planning Director Glenn Wynn as soon as possible before any major decisions or actions are taken. For more information regarding how the township can assist a development, take a look at the Projects section of our website.

For more information on specific Michigan Economic Development Grants and Relocation Incentives, visit our Economic Development Incentives page or contact the Planning and Zoning Department at (586) 726-7243.