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Pay Property Taxes

To Pay Property Taxes online using Credit Card or E-Check, click on this link

Unless or until taxes are paid by the way of authorization from the credit card company, those taxes remain the taxpayer's liability.

To pay by phone using credit or debit, call 844-701-5086

A full list of ways to pay property taxes is listed below:
  • In person at the Treasurer's Office: Cash, Check, Credit Card (2.5% fee), or Debit Card ($3.95 fee)
  • By town hall drop box: Check (Located at the 24 Mile Road exit and Town Hall upper level door)
  • At your Shelby Township Fifth-Third Bank branch: Cash or Check
  • Online: E-Check ($1.00 fee), Debit Card ($3.95 fee), or Credit Card (2.5% fee)
  • By Phone: Credit Card (2.5% fee), or Debit Card ($3.95 fee)