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Since 2008, the Charter Township of Shelby has taken on numerous historic initiatives such as unprecedented improvements to Township infrastructure, reforms to Township business and increased transparency. Follow the links below to view news reports documenting these initiatives 
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General Employees


Fire Department

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On Dec.21 the Shelby Township Board of Trustees unanimously approved a two-year extension of Fire Chief Jim Swinkowski's contract.
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At approximately 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 15, the Shelby Twp Fire Department responded to a structure fire at a strip mall.
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When the historic wind-storm hit the region March 8, 800,00 people lost power including 6,000 Shelby Township residents.


Police Department

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Clerk Stan Grot offically swore in the Shelby Township Police Department's second dog, Niko an 18-month old 62-pound German Shepherd.
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Three detectives from Shelby Township and Utica were part of a multi-jurisdictional elderly crimes task force that operated from May to November last year.