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Online Registration Information


Click Here to go to WebTrac (On-Line Registration)


Shelby Township Parks and Recreation Online Registration support the following desktop browsers. If you are not using one of these browsers (or versions) to interact with our website, please download or upgrade to one of the following browsers listed below:

Internet Explorer v11

Google Chrome v43 or higher

Mozilla Firefox v39 or higher

Safari v5.1.9 or higher (OS X 10.6.8)
Safari v6.0.4 or higher (OS X 10.8.4)
 What can you do on WebTrac?
  • Browse and enroll for most activities - tickets sales and event reservations are excluded
  • Automatically email your receipt to you when you enroll in an activity
  • Search for activities by type, age range, location and other criteria
  • Explore details about activities such as availability, price, date, time, location, and current enrollment
  • Add a family member to the wait list if a class is full
  • Print a transaction history
  • Reprint old receipts

How to Register On-Line?

Please note that parents may enroll only their own children that reside in their household for any activity.
To find class descriptions and other details about an activity, please refer to the current issue of “Shelby Township News Worth Knowing” which is also available on this web site. When registering online always print a copy of the receipt.  It will list your start date, time, and other information about the activity you have enrolled in as well as serve as your verification of enrollment. Some classes have a supplies list or other attachment that provides necessary information.  This can also be printed for your reference.All households will be considered either a Shelby Township or Utica resident, or a non-resident.  Non-resident fees will be automatically added to any non-resident enrollment where applicable. If you have trouble registering online or need help finding the activities you want, please phone the Parks, Recreation and Maintenance Department at 586-731-0300 weekdays between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm or email us at

If you have never enrolled for a PRM Department activity by any method, call us at 586-731-0300 to be placed into the system or click Guest below to browse.  You must be a registered user in order to complete an online registration.

Fill in the boxes on the sign-on screen:

         Household ID Number - found on the top left portion of a registration receipt

         Password - first-time users will use their 10 digit home phone number with no dashes or spaces -
         example 5867310300.  After that you will be prompted to choose a password to use in the future.

Refund Policy


 Refund policy