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Useful Information




Filming Agreement

This publication is for any private enterprise that is requesting to do any filming on any Township Grounds.

Freedom of Information Request Form




Instructions for Insurance Certificates

If you would like officially request any document associated to the Parks, Recreation, & Maintenance, Department, Nature Center, or Senior Center, please fill this form out and submit to the Clerk's Office.

If you are renting a pavilion at one of the Township Parks and are using a caterer, renting a moonwalk, dunk tank, etc. then you need to follow these instructions to submit a liability insurance certificate from the company you are contracting.Master Recreation Plan

Master Recreation Plan

This plan was adopted by the Township Board on February 7, 2016.  This is a five year Parks and Recreation Plan which describes the physical features, existing recreation facilities and the desired actions to be taken to improve and maintain recreation facilities during the time period between 2017 and 2021.

Memorial Bench Brochure

This publication will explain the cost & details of our memorial bench program.

Memorial Tree Brochure

This publication will explain the cost & details of our memorial tree program.

Macomb Orchard Trail

This will forward you to the Macomb Orchard Trail website for further information regarding the history of the trail, its route, and much more helpful information.

Mae Stecker Park Forestry Stewardship Plan


River Bends Park West/Holland Ponds                    Forestry Stewardship Plan

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5 

Michigan Licensed Rehabilitators



Shelby Township Park Ordinance

This link will take you to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources webpage where it will give you information on licensed rehabilitators for animals.

This link will forward you to the Township Park Ordinance for further information on Park Rules and Regulations.

Special Use Permit




This publication is for any independent profit or non-profit organization this is requesting to use one of our Township Facilities for a special event.


Summer Recreation Day Camp Website

Summer Recreation Day Camp Website - information on weekly calendars, staff information, FAQ's, forms, and upcoming events.