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Department Goals and Achievements


Chief Shelide is approaching his fourth-year anniversary as the department’s Chief of Police.  Working closely with Deputy Chief Mark Coil, they have worked hard to meet the needs of the burgeoning community. 


-We are currently undergoing a building expansion that will provide us with a 7,000 square foot addition and will include renovation to most of the existing space.


- Established the position of Police Captain to increase efficiency within the agency.  The department has had a 20% increase in staff since Chief Shelide’s arrival and has implemented many new areas of responsibility including a Tactical Response Unit, a Traffic Safety Bureau, a Community Policing Team and a Cadet program. 


- Creation of a Police Sergeant’s position to lead the Special Investigations Unit which previously had two detectives assigned and no supervisor.


- Increase sworn staffing levels from 72 to 75 officers to accommodate the growing population and business community that has sprouted up in the last five years. 


- Continuing our dedication to ensure our Police Commanders’ the best possible training available.  In 2018, we graduated one Commander from the prestigious Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command.  We have also registered a Commander for a 2019 session of the program.  In all, 10 of our commanders have graduated from the program. 


- Prepping to send a Police Lieutenant to the National FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia for advanced executive police training. 


- Purchased additional patrol rifles to assure that each officer is prepared and ready to handle any challenges they may face. 


- Established a K-9 Unit that has two teams and covers the bulk of our busy times. 


-Utilizing our certified A.L.I.C.E. (ALERT LOCKDOWN INFORM COUNTER EVACUATE) instructors to train our township departments and local businesses within our community in active shooter training tactics.


- Established a rescue task force partnering with the Shelby Township Fire Department.


- Enhancing our Community Service team with the addition of a bike patrol.


- Partnered with the Utica Community Schools to add one School Resource Officer (SRO) to each high school in the Township.


- Implementation of a Police Cadet program to meet the challenges of hiring high caliber candidates.  Instead of waiting until the officers are hired and trained by other departments, our philosophy is hire them when they are still in school, train them to our standards and retain them.  We have just sent our first three student police officers to the Police Academy that were hired as Police Cadets. 


- Ordered eight new patrol vehicles with the traditional ‘black and white’ look.