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This January, Robert J. Shelide started his 34th year in law enforcement; his sixth as Chief of Police of Shelby Township.  He began his career with the Detroit Police Department, stationed at the 7th Precinct (Mack Avenue) from 1987 to 1994.  During this time, then Officer  Shelide made over 550 felony arrests and was awarded a departmental citation in recognition of valiant service performed in the line of duty.  He was also awarded six citations, over 40 commendation certificates, and was selected as the 7th Precinct Patrol Officer of the Month for April 1990.  

In 1994Robert was hired by the Southfield Police Department, spending the next 21 years honing his skills and climbing the ranks.  Between 1995 and 2004, then Detective Shelide investigated cases involving sex crimes, sex crimes of children, and crimes against and involving children.  Detective Shelide was involved in countless major investigations and received departmental awards, accolades and letters acknowledging his performance.  As a lieutenant, he was appointed Acting Deputy Chief by Chief Eric Hawkins in June of 2013, and assumed command of the department's patrol division -- a staff of over 100.  Robert was formally promoted to Deputy Chief in June of 2014, a position he held until his retirement in January 2015.

Chief Shelide was hired by the Charter Township of Shelby on January 12, 2015.  Chief Shelide has made professionalism by his staff a mandate.  Starting with cutting-edge training and equipment, the officers are prepared to handle high-risk situations, but also understand the necessity of providing our residents and our business owners with great service.  Over each of the last five years, Chief Shelide has overseen the department's $16 million+ budget, coming in "under budget" each of those years.  In addition, the department has paid out zero dollars in lawsuits and has vigorously defended itself in litigation.  

In 2018, Chief Shelide and Deputy Chief Coil welcomed Captain Jason Schmittler into the Executive Staff.  Captain Schmittler was placed in charge of police operations.  2018 also saw the birth of the Shelby Township Police Department’s first ever Cadet Program.  Six police cadets were hired; three of them were ultimately selected to attend the Macomb Police Academy, where they graduated in December of 2018.  The goal of this program is to separate us from other police departments as we compete for top talent.   Moving forward into 2019, working closely with our Board of Trustees, funding was approved to outfit each police officer with an Axon Body Camera and each of our patrol vehicles with an Axon In-Car-Camera system.  The system is interconnected and is cutting-edge technology that our officers will be using.  In addition, after a several months’ long study and funding approval by our Board of Trustees, our officers will be issued Sig Sauer 9mm handguns with modern optics technology.  2020 will also see completion of a $2.7 million building expansion and renovation.  Our police department is adding 7100 square feet and renovating existing space to create a more efficient building for our burgeoning staff of 100+ persons. 

In January 2018, Chief Shelide was elected by his peers to serve as President of the Southeast Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police.  Chief Shelide served on the Executive Board of the organization for two years prior.  He currently serves as the Past President.   In June 2018, the Transportation Improvement Association's Board of Directors voted and approved Chief Shelide as a new TIA board member.  A highlight of Chief Shelide’s administrative career was being asked to be the keynote speaker for the Macomb Police Academy Graduating Class # 104 in December 2018.  Chief Shelide was elected by his peers to serve as District 3 Board Representative for the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police.

Chief Shelide has a Bachelor's degree in community development with a concentration in public administration from Central Michigan University, and has a graduate certificate of achievement in criminal justice from the University of Virginia.  Chief Shelide is also a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command (session #285) and the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia (session #253).