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Zoning Ordinance

Shelby Township GIS Maps and Portals
  • Shelby Township Zoning Districts - The zoning districts map displays information relevant to all properties within the township. Its data includes zoning districts, wetlands, drains, roads, subdivisions, condominiums, right of ways and elevation contours. Users can research any parcel in the township by using the address locator in the map’s the top left quadrant.
  • Site Plan and Zoning Board of Appeals Applications - The Site Plan and Zoning Board of Appeals applications provide information on developments and changes in the township. This map sorts site plan applications, variance requests and rezoning applications. Users can search township parcels to find out what is being built or what variances are requested. This application helps answer the question, “what is going on in Shelby Township?”
  • Residential Projects and Senior Living Facilities - Per the township’s 10-year Master Plan, it seeks to provide a diverse array of housing. This map shows users the housing types being developed within the township as well as the locations of all senior living facilities. The housing types displayed include, “single-family,” “multifamily,” “duplexes,” “single-family and duplexes,” and “single-family and multifamily” developments.
  • Shelby Township Parks and Recreation - Visit this map to get an introduction to the recreation options offered by the township and it’s 1,100 acres of public parks. Information includes locations and details of events, parks, facilities, areas of interest, rental information, and park rules and guidelines.
  • Shelby Township Sidewalk Priorities and Deferrals - On this application, users can view the status of sidewalk projects, including their priority levels, deferrals and gaps in the sidewalk network. Providing sidewalks is a top safety priority with a focus on creating routes for people getting to and from work or school. This map displays where sidewalks are to allow pedestrians to plan a safe route to their destination.
  • 2018-2019 PASER Road Ratings - The Pavement Surface Evaluation Rating is a system that evaluates surface road pavement conditions. A rating of 1 means the road quality has failed. The scale rises to a 10, which rates a road surface as excellent. This system provides a quick method of evaluating road conditions and does not delve into sub-surface details for the initial rating. It gives viewers a clear way to prioritize road repairs and construction. The Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council uses the PASER system as the statewide standard of pavement condition reporting.
  • Residential Address Density by Type - This map displays data concerning the residential address types present within the township. The address types include apartments, trailers, multibusiness, condominiums, and single-family addresses or base parcel. The map displays aggregated values displaying how many address types are in a given spatial context.
  • Shelby Township Retail Inventory Viewer - This web application displays all retail establishments within Shelby Township. Retail businesses include shops, boutiques, restaurants, bakeries and any other business offering goods or services. Users can click on any individual “dot” for information detailing the establishment. The map also displays vacant retail spaces and aggregates the data based upon available square footage. This map is great if you are looking to open a business or find something to do.
  • Investing in Shelby Township - This story map offers insight into the township’s blight removal and remediation efforts. The map highlights local businesses that have invested in remodeling their facades, removing blighted properties, or by making their properties more appealing. This initiative has led to innovative developments that are at the fore of suburban architecture.

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