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Department of Public Works

MISS DIG is the central contact for the protection of underground utilities. The MISS DIG System’s primary function is to process locate requests from individuals planning to dig and notifies its member utilities about these excavations. The member utilities then mark the dig site, indicating the approximate location of their underground public utility lines (MISS DIG does not mark).

Michigan's statute, Act 174 of Public Act 2013, requires anyone who engages in, or is responsible for, the planning or performance of any type of excavation e.g.; grading, demolition, cultivating, augering, blasting, or boring to provide advance notice of at least three full business days to MISS DIG by dialing 811, 800-482-7171, or online via a Remote Ticket Entry program or E-Locate program: .The notification center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to take ticket requests. MISS DIG must be contacted prior to excavation in order to comply with the state statute. You must, however, contact the utility company directly in the event of a utility line damage. MISS DIG does not process that type of information.

If you notice colored flags in your yard or along the roadway, it is an indicator that someone is planning to perform underground construction in that area.  The following utility companies are represented by colored flags as indicated:

Not sure who is digging?  Please call Miss Dig at the number below.  

Call Before You Dig! 1-800-482-7171