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2019 Water Meter Reading Device Replacement


DPW meter reader replacement explained
• Are these “smart meters”?

No meters will be replaced as a result of this process. The program is only to replace the remotes on the outside of the house.


• Do they cause microwave damage?

Neptune Technology Group has provided technical information that indicated the R-900 remotes follow all federal requirements for radio transmissions.


• What is the manufacturer's liability?

Neptune Technology Group will provide its standard warranty.


• Who is the provider?

Ferguson Waterworks is the sole provider of Neptune products in the state of Michigan. A Request For Proposals was posted, and Ferguson provided the only submittal.


• Is there an opt-out option?

An opt-out option is available.


• I have privacy concerns. Can it see my water usage?

The existing water meters cannot indicate when water is being used in real time. Meters can only give a cumulative read.


• What is the accuracy of reads?

There is no change in the accuracy of reads because we are still using the existing meter. The R-900 is just a device to retrieve the read from the meter.

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