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Code Enforcement Office

The Shelby Township Code Enforcement Office oversees the administration and enforcement of township ordinances in partnership with the Shelby Township Police Department, Shelby Township Fire Department, Shelby Township Building Department, Shelby Township Department of Public Works, and the Shelby Township Parks, Recreation and Maintenance Department.

Among other areas, the Code Enforcement Office enforces ordinances such as the Tree & Woodland Preservation ordinance, anti-blight ordinances, litter, sidewalk codes, animal control, waste collection guidelines and other sections of the township's zoning ordinance.

Code Enforcement Complaint Form    Shelby Township Code of Ordinances
Sidewalk Maintenance Program   


Motor Vehicle Storage 

The most frequently asked questions and complaints received by the Code Enforcement Office involve the parking and/or storage of motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, etc.

The following apply to all Residential Districts:

  • Motor vehicles parked and/or stored outside of a building must be in operating condition and currently licensed.
  • One commercial vehicle is allowed to be parked on residential property as long as it does not exceed 8,000 lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).



Sign Ordinance

It has become increasingly popular to place signs at intersections and along roadways as a means of advertising homes for sale, businesses available, insurance rates, etc. However, the placement of signs in the right-of-way area is a violation of the Shelby Township Litter Ordinance. The ordinance allows for the removal of signs as litter as well as prosecution in District Court. No political sign shall be erected more than 45 days prior to an election and shall be removed not more than three days following an election.



Tree & Woodland Preservation Ordinance 

Many residents and landowners wonder if and when a permit is needed to cut down a tree. Since the ordinance may be confusing, and if you are unsure of its requirements, it is best to contact this office for information.

Code Enforcement Office

Township Hall- Upper Level
52700 Van Dyke Ave.
Shelby Township, MI 48316-3572
Phone: 586-726-7248
Hours of Operation: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday through Friday)