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The Shelby Township Building Department works to obtain compliance with national, state, and local construction codes through the process of permit issuance, plan review, and onsite inspections of work performed. 

The Building Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the State of Michigan Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Codes.  In addition, the Building Department administers and enforces ordinance provisions pertaining to fences, sidewalks, tree and woodland preservation, unsafe buildings and zoning.

Applications and Forms
The Building Department processes various permit application forms. Some forms may be completed online. Others may be printed, and presented to the for processing. Click the link below to access individual application forms. 
Building Permit Requirements  
Address Assignment Request Form
Backflow Preventer Test Report Form
Building Permit Application
Certificate of Zoning Compliance Application Form
Construction Board of Appeals Instructions 
Continuous Whole-House Mechanical Ventilation Worksheet
Energy Worksheet for Single-Family Additions, Alterations, Renovations & Repairs
Energy Worksheet for Single-Family Residential Building
Fence Ordinance Agreement
Fence Permit Application 
Final Grade Certificate Cover Letter
Fire Alarm Affidavit
Gas Pressure Test Affidavit
Generator, Pool Equipment & Air Conditioner Placement Acknowledgement Form
Inspection Request Form
Marihuana Moratorium and Pending Ordinance Acknowledgement Form
Mechanical Permit Application
Permit Termination Request
Pool Alarm Affidavit
Portable Spa Safety Cover Request
Preliminary Grade Certificate Cover Letter
Transmittal Form
Sidewalk Deferral Agreement
Sidewalk Deferral Application
Sidewalk Permit Application
Special Inspection - Commercial/Industrial 
Special Inspection - Residential Moving Structure
Waiver - Multiple Family 
Waiver - Single Family
Zoning Compliance Permit Application
Construction Board of Appeals  
In accordance with state law, the Construction Board of Appeals hears appeals and renders interpretations on construction code related issues within the township.  The board is comprised of five members representing diverse technical experience in the fields of building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical construction. 

If the Building Department refuses to grant an application for a construction permit, or makes any other decision pursuant to or related to construction codes, an interested person may appeal to the Construction Board of Appeals. Applications for appeals shall be based on a claim that the true intent of the applicable code has not been incorrectly interpreted, the provisions of the code do not fully apply and an equally good or better form of construction is proposed.

The Construction Board of Appeals meets only upon application for an appeal.  Meetings are usually held during normal business hours, typically on Wednesday mornings, but may be held at other times upon approval of the Board.  The process normally takes approximately two weeks.
For more information, please contact the Building Department at (586)731-5969.

Construction Codes
Please be advised that as the State of Michigan adopts new construction codes, those codes will automatically become effective in Shelby Township.

Applications for permits received on or after the effective dates will be regulated under the new code. Copies of the new codes and state amendments will be available through the State of Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes and the International Code Council.

As of January 2019, the following is a list of the applicable codes and their effective date.
 Michigan Residential Code - 2015 International Residential Code with State Amendments (includes energy code provisions)  Effective Feb. 8, 2016
 Michigan Building Code - 2015 International Building Code with state amendments  Effective April 20, 2017
 Michigan Electrical Code 2017 - National Electrical Code with state amendments  Effective Jan. 4, 2019
 Michigan Mechanical Code - 2015 International Mechanical Code with state amendments  Effective April 12, 2017
 Michigan Plumbing Code -  2015 International Plumbing Code with state amendments  Effective April 20, 2017
 Michigan Energy Code 2015 (commercial)  Effective Sept. 20, 2017

State of Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes International Code Council

The building department manages and oversees all fees for permits. Individual permit fee schedules are available below.

Building Permit Fees Electrical Permit Fees
Mechanical Permit Fees Plumbing Permit Fees
Performance Bond Schedule  

Outline of Procedures
For your assistance, the outline of procedures listed below have been developed for common construction activities. The outlines highlight code requirements and instructions to apply for necessary permits.
Commercial or Industrial Accessory Buildings - Equal to or less than 200 sq ft
Accessory Buildings - Larger than 200 sq ft  Construction Trailers
Decks Demolition
Fences Finish Basement
New Single Family Residence Signs
Single Family Additions Swimming Pools, Hot tubs, and Spas   

Monthly Reports
As a guide to follow developments in our growing community, the Building Department compiles monthly reports highlighting new businesses and the monthly Assessor's Report, which covers permits issued for property improvements. Reports are updated at the beginning of each month.

Assessors Report

July 2020   August 2020
May 2020   June 2020 
March 2020 April 2020   
January 2020 February 2020
2019 Assessors Report 2018 Assessors Report
2017 Assessors Report 2016 Assessors Report
2015 Assessors Report 2014 Assessors Report

New Businesses Report

July 2020  August 2020
May 2020 June 2020
March 2020                                                            April 2020 - N/A because of COVID-19 Shutdown
January 2020 February 2020
2019 New Business Report 2018 New Business Report 
2017 New Business Report  2016 New Business Report 
2015 New Business Report  2014 New Business Report 


Sidewalk Maintenance Program

In the interest of promoting safe pedestrian travel, the township adopted ordinances (Section 58-528 of the Code of Ordinances) that require that defective sidewalks be maintained and repaired. Additionally, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the township’s Sidewalk Maintenance Program identifies defects and implements repairs to ensure that the sidewalks meet federal guidelines.

Overseen by the Shelby Township Building Department and administered by the township engineers at Anderson, Eckstein, and Westrick, Inc., the program works with property owners to ensure resident and guest safety throughout the township. Below are several resources and forms to help administer the program.

For more information regarding the program, contact Anderson, Eckstein and Westrick, Inc., attention Aseel A. Putros, PE, CFM or Gordon B. Wilson PE, CFM. at 586-726-1234 or email and

Sidewalk Maintenance Program Information Guide Section 58-528 of the Code of Ordinances
Sidewalk Permit Application  

Sidewalk Maintenance Program Financial Hardship Application


Special Inspection Reports
Special Inspections monitor materials and workmanship that are critical to the structural integrity of the building structure. Special Inspections are a review of the construction to assure that the approved plans, shop drawings, and specifications are being followed and that relevant Codes and referenced standards are being observed by all parties involved.

Statement of Special Inspections
Special Inspection Report Instructions
Antenna Inspection Report
Concrete Special Inspection Report
Exterior Insulation & Finish System Inspection Report
Fire Proofing Special Inspection Report
Masonry Special Inspection Report
Pre-Cast Concrete Inspection Report
Soils and Foundation Special Inspection Report
Steel Special Inspection Report


Need more information? Try these sources:

Virtual Inspection Program

In light of the ongoing virus emergency, the Shelby Township Building Department is offering virtual inspections as an option for homeowners that do not wish to proceed with an in-home inspection. These inspections are completed remotely by video instead of on-site. Download the Virtual Inspection Program guide below for full details.

Types of inspections qualified for virtual inspection:
  • Building - Kitchen/bathroom renovations; basement waterproofing; minor repairs; reinspections; and other inspections on a case-by-case basis
  • Electrical - Replacement furnaces; kitchen/bathroom renovations; electric water heater replacements; air condensers; minor repairs; reinspections; and other inspections on a case-by-case basis
  • Mechanical - Replacement furnaces; kitchen/bathroom renovations; water heater replacements; air condensers; minor repairs; reinspections; and other inspections on a case-by-case basis
  • Plumbing – Second water meters; backflow devices; kitchen/bathroom renovations; water heater replacements; minor repairs; reinspections; and other inspections on a case-by-case basis
Virtual Inspection Program guide  


Building Director Tim Wood
Building Department

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