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Assessing Department

Michigan law provides that a person or entity that has assessable personal property in their possession on December 31, 2018 must submit a 2019 Personal Property Statement with the Shelby Township Assessing Department by February 20, 2019. This form is used by the Assessing staff to make a personal property assessment. If a business does not file a completed personal property statement by this due date, the Assessing staff will ESTIMATE the 2019 personal property assessed value. The 2019 Personal Property Statement and instructions are attached.

Michigan Law also provides that all commercial or industrial personal property owned by, leased to or in the possession of, an owner with a combined true cash value of LESS than $80,000 is 100% exempt from taxation. To claim an exemption, the owner of “eligible personal property” must file the attached 2019 Small Business Tax Exemption Affidavit with the Shelby Township Assessing Department not later than February 20, 2019, even if the same exemption form was filed in 2018.

Beginning in 2016, both “Qualified New and Previously Existing Personal Property” became 100% exempt from taxation. These exemptions can be claimed by filing an Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property Tax Exemption Claim, Ad Valorem Personal Property Statement, and Report of Fair Market Value of Qualified New and Previously Existing Personal Property not later than February 20, 2019. Only personal property that meets the statutory definition of “Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property (EMPP)” should be reported on the affidavit. EMPP is defined as "all personal property located on occupied real property if that personal property is predominantly used in industrial processing or direct integrated support." If you have any questions about these personal property exemption programs, please contact the Personal Property Appraiser, Marcia Weredick at or at (586) 803-2002.