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Assessing Department

What We Do: 
  • Appraise all of the real and personal property located in the Township for the purpose of local property taxation.
  • Ensure that all parcels of land in the Township are identified with both legal descriptions and property location maps.
  • Describe the physical improvements for all commercial, industrial and residential buildings. These descriptions identify characteristics such as the building size, building age and the specific physical dimensions for each type of improvement. 
  • Maintain owner of record and taxpayer information via various documents such as deed, Property Transfer Affidavits, Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) forms and taxpayer initiated requests. 
  • Maintain detailed sales records on all of the properties located in the Township. Sales data is typically obtained through recorded deeds received from the Macomb County Clerk's office or from filed Property Transfer Affidavits. 
  • Ensure that all qualified property transfers result in property Taxable Values calculated according to the law. 
  • Serve as a liaison to the March, July and December Boards of Review and document all of the approved changes that have occurred. 
  • Administer and oversee a number of real property and personal property tax exemption programs. 
  • Process applications for land divisions and combinations and oversee the creation of new property legal descriptions. 
  • Serve as a local information source for real and personal property valuation issues, assessment administration and property tax information.