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Keep up to date with what's going on around Shelby Township with our various publications. Choose your interest or follow them all; this is your guide to events, departments and township news.

Branching Out
Shelby Township Events &
This is the place you'll find the seasonal events, programs and activities going on throughout the township. This catalog replaces the previously beloved "News Worth Knowing" and we hope you enjoy this one just as much.
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The newest publication from Shelby Township, Fountain contains your seasonal department updates, events and information you need to know. Published 4-times a year, this newsletter is your insight to Shelby Township's policies and events.

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Nature News
If you love the Nature Center or the outdoors in general, you'll want to check out the Burgess-Shadbush Nature Center newsletter. It has all the events happening for the next two months so you won't miss a thing.
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Check out Nature News right here

Senior Newsletter
Want to know what's going on in the senior center? Check out their bi-monthly newsletter for daily activities and monthly outings. You won't want to miss all the fun.
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The Library

Keep up with what's going on with the library.
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The Pipeline

The Department of Public Works releases a water quality report each year so you know the most about the water you're drinking.

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Parks and Facilities
Enjoy our parks at the fullest with the Parks, Recreation and maintenance guide. It outlines everything available at each park, specific rules and facilities you can rent out to make your next occasion extra special.

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Read all about our Parks and Facilities right here