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Shelby TV operates three local channels on the Comcast Cable System, two channels on the Wide Open West system, and one channel on AT&T U-Verse. 

Shelby TV programming may be seen throughout Shelby Township and the City of Utica. Shelby TV reaches over 22,000 households. We are funded through Cable TV Franchise Fees paid to the Township by Cable TV subscribers. The franchise fee is 5% of each subscriber's bill. Shelby TV can answer questions related to the Township's Cable Franchise Agreements and help resolve disputes customers have with their Cable TV provider (under FCC ruling Shelby TV cannot intervene in Internet service issues).

In addition to its reach across all major cable providers, Shelby TV also connects to residents in Shelby Township through its YouTube channel at On the YouTube channel, viewers can access all local programming provided by Shelby TV with the exception of Board of Trustees meetings. These broadcasts can be found here.  

Director Brad D. Bates

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