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Community Relations & Shelby TV facility opening fall 2020

The Shelby Township Community Relations Department and its staff with Shelby TV provide accurate information to the public through all means of communication such as social media, the township website and its government access channels.

To better, more efficiently serve the community’s residents and, the Community Relations Department is slated to move into a new facility on the township’s municipal campus at 52700 Van Dyke Ave. At its July 2, 2019 meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a $2.65 million budget for the facility paid in cash with no bonding, no borrowing and no increase in taxes.


The new facility will feature an expanded studio for video and television operations as well as a more efficient workspace to help employees better coordinate and collaborate with the community.

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The new facility, which will be 9.852 square feet, will be located near the township’s historic train display and the Andrews Schoolhouse Museum. This location will serve the building’s other tenant, the Shelby Township Historical Committee.

Currently, the historical committee shares space in the schoolhouse museum and Fire Station No. 4 to house its collection and manage its operations. The move into the new community relations facility will give the committee dedicated space to house the township’s archives in a secure, climate-controlled facility to preserve the community’s history.