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Shelby Township Police Department Renovation & Expansion complete winter 2019

The Shelby Township Police Department has come a long way since starting as a one-person police force with Robert Smith founding the department in 1954. Perhaps its most significant growth has occurred in the last five years under the leadership of Chief of Police Robert Shelide.

Shelide joined the police department in 2015 at a time when it needed dynamic leadership. Because of Shelide's leadership, what was an uncertain future has become a blueprint for how a police force should train and equip its officers and manage its operations to meet the needs of a modern, growing, vibrant community.

Foremost, Shelide put forth a clear vision for the department's future and moved forward with a balanced budget that included increased training and modernization of equipment to ensure all of his officers had every tool he or she needed to do the job without increasing taxes.

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This vision has paid off as, for the third-straight year, the National Council for Home Safety and Security named Shelby Township the safest community of its size in Macomb County and among the safest communities in the entire state in 2019. Maintaining this safety and security is not nearly as easy as the STPD makes it look.

In 2019, the township hired its 75th sworn officer, which is more than the department had before the 2008 recession. With more officers, the STPD has installed more services as well, with no increase in taxes.

The township now has a dedicated Community Services Unit making its neighborhoods and families safer through crime prevention and awareness. The department also has a Traffic Safety Unit, which has made our roads safer, and two full-time K9 units that have become an integral part of our police force and the community at large.

In addition, the STPD has instituted a new police cadet program. This program trains young people looking to go into the field of police work, so that they can learn the trade from the nation's best and brightest officers, and perhaps one day these cadets will put on the badge of the Shelby Township police department themselves as seven cadets have already transitioned to become full-time sworn officers.

Continued advancement of professionalism and training throughout the department's ranks displays the STPD officers' dedication to the community.  In 2019, the department saw another class of command officers receive certified, advanced training from Northwestern University Center for Public Safety School, the F.B.I. National Academy and other universities and institutions throughout the nation.

To realize the full capacity of the department's vision, organization and training, the Board of Trustee authorized a 7,203-square-foot expansion to the Shelby Township Police Department headquarters along with a renovation plan for 3,014 square feet of existing office space June 5, 2018.

Like the initial $4 million construction in 2012, the expansion and renovations were paid for in cash with no bonds, no borrowing and no increase in local taxes. It increases the station's square footage from roughly 18,000 square feet to 25,000 square feet and includes a secure detached evidence storage facility behind the station. The total cost of the added facilities is estimated at $3,055,000.

This new facility, the direction of Chief of Police Robert Shelide and the dedication of the officers of the Shelby Township Police Department ensures that the residents and taxpayers of Shelby Township are safer than ever, and their security is better than ever.