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New Fire Station No. 4 opening summer 2019

A lot has changed in Shelby Township since voters first approved a millage to fund a volunteer fire department Feb. 16, 1963.


In that time, Shelby Township has grown from a small rural village to a cutting–edge first-class suburb home to more than 78,000 residents. With that growth comes a need for more public services such as those provided by the Shelby Township Fire Department.



In 2018, the Shelby Township Fire Department’s calls for service rose 6.5 percent from 2017, and Chief James Swinkowski helped transition a turnover of four members of his command ranks and welcome three new firefighters to his department. Staffing is crucial as the Shelby Township Fire Department is home to Macomb County’s only swift water rescue unit, its lone dive rescue unit, and one of the few ice rescue units.


In addition to these specialized fields of rescue, our fire department also operates its paramedic services, so that the township will never charge a resident above his or her insurance coverage for a call for assistance. While this training, professionalism and commitment guarantee that, when Shelby Township residents are most in need of help, help will be there, the township has also addressed facility needs for the fire department.

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In the past 10 years, the Shelby Township Fire Department has addressed the community's growth with a $1 million renovation to its Fire Station No. 1 headquarters and the construction of two new fire stations better located throughout our township.

Shelby Township’s Fire Station No. 5, which opened its doors June 20, 2017, is located at 47460 Schoenherr Road, where it strategically serves one of the fastest growing areas of the township in its southeast quadrant. The opening of this station at this location allowed the township to move its busiest fire station, Fire Station No. 4, further north.


Formerly, Fire Station No. 4 sat just north of 23 Mile Road on Schoenherr Road. Its new home is on the corner of 25 Mile and Schoenherr roads. At this location, Fire Station No. 4 is ready to serve residents in the township’s soon-to-be-developed northeast corner.


Both of these stations were built, equipped and staffed with no impact on the fire department’s operational budget and did not require a tax increase. New facilities are just part of how the Shelby Township Fire Department is better than ever.