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Shelby Township Beautification Committee

The Shelby Township Beautification Committee (STBC) meets on the second Tuesday of each month in the Lower Level Conference Room at 6:30 p.m. The STBC plans yearly activities to promote and keep Shelby Township "Cleaner and Greener."

The STBC organizes and facilitates the Township's "Annual Clean-up Day". This enormous community project is held on the last Saturday of April. Hundreds of township residents volunteer to pick up trash and debris along our roads and highways.  Sections of the roads are adopted and cleaned annually by these community groups. 

Annually, the STBC conducts a "Shelby Beautification Award".  These awards are given to Shelby Township homeowners.  Community members make the nominations.  Nominations are for extensive floral and landscape achievement at their residence. A homeowner can win this prestigious award up to three times.  Then their name is placed on the "Hall of Fame" plaque located in the township hall lobby. 

The STBC members nominate members of Shelby Township's commercial community for the annual "Pride of Shelby" Award.  This award goes to Shelby Township businesses that have done major exterior renovations in the appearance of their business, especially in the area of floral and landscape. 

The STBC plans and develops the "Welcome to Shelby" signs located at main entry points of the township. Currently, community members have adopted the six welcome signs. These volunteers maintain the landscape of the signs throughout the year. 

Several members of the STBC are designated "Master Gardeners" through the Michigan State University Extension Program of Macomb County. 
STBC members attend quarterly meetings of the Beautification Council of Southeastern Michigan (BCSEM). These meetings are held in the various member communities. The meetings provide members with improvement ideas and valuable network opportunities.  

The host community also can showcase their community attributes.  Our committee hosted this prestigious event in September 2002, and September 2007.  At the 2007 BCSEM Meeting, the Beautification Committee celebrated its 30th Anniversary and recognized current and former members. 

Committee Members
  • Melanee Roelandt, Co-Chair
  • Charlene DeClark, Co-Chair
  • Barbara Walkaus
  • Craig Cowper
  • Joseph Danbury
  • Dee Osler
  • Renate Radomski
  • Erika Zoller