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2019 Water Meter Reading Device Replacement

Dear Shelby Township Residents and Business Owners,

In an effort to forward the efficiencies in reading water meters, the Shelby Township Department of Public Works has initiated a township wide meter reading device change-out program. This process will require the replacement of the water meter reading device on the outside of your home or business.

To minimize the duration of the change-out program and any potential inconvenience to the residents, Shelby Township has partnered with Ferguson Waterworks and Utility Metering Solutions to provide the necessary material and labor for the completion of this program. Both of these partners have extensive experience in meter reading device change-outs.

Below are a few quick facts to note about the program:

-There is no cost to you as the homeowner or business owner for this change-out.

-This program is to change out the water meter reading device only. No meters will be changed out as part of this process.

-Entry into your home or business is not required to perform this replacement.

-No appointment is necessary for the change-out.

-All installers have completed background checks, will have township issued identification and are traveling in marked vehicles.

-This is not a smart meter change-out.

Should you have any further questions regarding the change-out process please contact the Utility Meter Solutions call center at 844-741-6428. Shelby Township is offering residents a choice of opting out of the remote change-out program. For information and cost associated with this option please contact out office at 586-731-5990 or (please include your address on the email).

Your cooperation is appreciated in making this program a success.


David G. Miller, II

Director of Public Works