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Sanitary Sewer S.A.D.

Shelby Twp DDA Encourages Sanitary Sewers as Economic Development

The primary goal of the DDA is to promote economic development and preserve property values along the Van Dyke Avenue corridor. The DDA believes that economic development opportunities along the southern end of the DDA would be enhanced by an extension of sanitary sewer line from 22 Mile Road to the Utica City limits.

Over the years, failing septic fields have hampered investment in the area and limited the development and redevelopment potential of several sites on Van Dyke. Replacing existing septic fields with sewers will allow more land area for building or parking lot expansion, encouraging investment and a wider variety of business opportunities.

Basic Steps to Construct Sanitary Sewers by Special Assessment District

1. Property owner(s) request a petition.
2. Petition request is reviewed; map of proposed area is created.
3. Township Clerk notifies property owners in proposed district that a petition is circulating.
4. DPW authorizes petition to be circulated to property owners.
5. With signatures of property owners representing 50% of land area in the district, petition is submitted to the DPW and reviewed.
6. Township Board holds two public hearings to: a) determine need of project, and b) notify property owners of cost.
7. Special Assessment Bonds are issued to finance the project; the project is completed, and the bonds are repaid by property owners of the district.

For more information contact:

Shelby Township DPW Director
Dave Miller at (586) 731-5990


Agenda Packet from Sanitary Sewer Informational Meeting (March 5, 2009)

Presentation from Sanitary Sewer Informational Meeting (March 5, 2009)

Van Dyke Voice: Fall 2010 (Information regarding the sewer project)

Sanitary Sewer Meeting Agenda and Map/Plan (October 2010)