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 (1) Subject to subsection (5), each municipality that has created an authority or that creates an authority shall create a website or utilize the existing website of the municipality that is operated and regularly maintained with access to authority records and documents for the fiscal year beginning on the effective date of this act, including all of the following:

  (a) Minutes of all board meetings.

  (b) Annual budget, including encumbered and unencumbered fund balances.

  (c) Annual audits.

  (d) Currently adopted development plan, if not included in a tax increment financing plan.

  (e) Currently adopted tax increment finance plan, if currently capturing tax increment revenues.

  (f) Current authority staff contact information.

  (g) A listing of current contracts with a description of those contracts and other documents related to management of the authority and services provided to the authority.

  (h) An updated annual synopsis of activities of the authority.