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DDA Board

Downtown Development Authority

The Shelby Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was created in 2006. The DDA's primary purpose is to correct and prevent deterioration and promote economic growth within Shelby Township's principal business district. A primary benefit of forming a DDA is that the Township is able to reinvest the incremental increase in property taxes that results from improvements in the district back into the district, wisely stretching the value of every dollar spent. The DDA is governed by a Board of Directors, appointed by the Township Supervisor and Board of Trustees, that is comprised of residents, business owners and elected officials who volunteer their time to improve their community.

Mission Statement

The Shelby Township Downtown Development Authority is an organization dedicated to revitalizing the Van Dyke Corridor and creating an area that will become the destination for shopping, entertainment, business, dining, civic functions, culture and the arts.

Vision Statement

Downtown Shelby Township is the place where you discover civic institutions, unique shops and services, dining and entertainment, in a pedestrian friendly environment that is connected to our neighborhoods. An emerging, dynamic, and engaging place that gives the community a new sense of identity.