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Corridor Beautification Concepts/Design Standards


The Intent was to conduct a site inventory and analysis on the five mile study area of the Van Dyke Corridor to determine typical streetscape conditions. Gaining an understanding of these conditions allowed for the development of a series of typical design scenarios which shall act as guidelines or templates to be applied throughout the corridor.

Findings Summary

Upon completing the site inventory it was determined there are various enhancement opportunities relating to the pedestrian experience along the corridor. Opportunities included: Pedestrian Sidewalks, Crosswalks, R.O.W. Landscaping (which also includes buffer of parking areas). These challenges are a result from lack of ROW setback and poor maintenance. The majority of these opportunities can be addressed by three common scenarios or solutions which we have mapped out in the following pages. Access management, business signage, parking areas, road design, contextual design issues, and vehicular speed control were also apparent though not as common. These opportunities are recommended to be addressed as part of the master plan or on an individual site design basis under the particular conditions.


Van Dyke Corridor Beautification Concepts/Design Standards (2008)

Van Dyke Corridor Beautification Concepts/Design Revisited (2010)