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Access Management Plan

What is Access Management?

Access Management is a set of proven techniques that:

  • Reduce traffic congestion and preserve the flow of traffic
  • Improve traffic safety and prevent crashes

  • Preserve existing road capacity to avoid costly road expansion

  • Preserve investment in roads by managing the location, design, and type of access to property

Access management considers the design and location of driveways relative to the road, and the uses served by those driveways. It focuses on land-use issues including:

  • Internal site design and circulation
  • Shared driveways

  • Connected parking areas

  • Shared service desks

  • Building setbacks
  • Site design

Successful access management requires coordination and cooperation between property owners, local land use authorities, and road agencies to provide safe and efficient access to private property and protect the public's investment in roads.

What is an Access Management Plan?

An access management plan contains:

  • An evaluation of the existing roadway and the land uses it serves: traffic volumes, road design, crash rates, planned improvements
  • A series of recommendations focusing on driveway location, design, and quantity, as well as internal site layout and design. Recommendations also address the location and design of future driveways on undeveloped or underdeveloped properties, as well as the possible location of future public roads.
Strategies for implementation, which can include new/amended zoning ordinance regulations and/or standards, a process for reviewing new developments and/or site improvements, as well as strategies for possible educational and funding opportunities for property owners to make the recommended improvements.

A quality access management plan requires involvement and input from the public and an advisory committee. A finalized access management plan is ideally reviewed by the local planning commission and adopted by the local unit of government, as well as incorporated into that community's master plan.


Access Management Plan (2009)