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Join In with Preserving The Community

There's so much to learn about and do in Shelby Township and Preserving a Better Place is dedicated to sharing it with the residents that live here. Sharing in the history of the community you live in is an important part of safeguarding its true values. Join us at these special events to find out more about the township's real treasures.

Annual Perennial Swap
May 19 | 8:30 - 9:30 am

Friends of the Library is putting on their annual plant swap. It's a great way to share plants that have grown too big for their current spaces and find new additions to your garden. Bring plants in pots to trade or just come by to talk about gardening with like-minded people. Nothing is better than celebrating and sharing the beauty of the community with your neighbors.

Honeybees and Your Home
May 20 | 4 - 5 pm | Free

Have you been hearing all the buzz about bees? They're very important to our entire way of life. Explore all the great things about honey bees and our native pollinators do for us plus the perils they face in today's world. Includes discussion on how you can increase your pollinator habitat and why that means your plants will benefit.

Farmers Market
May 26 - Oct 27 | Saturdays | 9 am - 2 pm

An outdoor market at the historic Packard Proving Ground, the Shelby Township Farmers Market is a gathering of farm grown stalls and vendors. Shop for fresh fruits and vegetables or just explore the location and enjoy the great atmosphere. Maybe try your hand at selling? For more information, see their web site on how to contact them.

River Day Celebration
June 2 | 11 am - 2 pm | Free

The Clinton River plays an important role not just to our community but to all the communities it connects us to. This is why we've joined WaterTowns, part of the Clinton Watershed. Learn what that means on June 2 as you walk the river with members from the Nature Center. Discover the plants and animals that call the river home and ways you can make a difference to keep it healthy.

Pollination Party
June 23 | 1 - 4:30 pm | $4 per person

To celebrate official Pollinator Week for 2018, the Nature Center is throwing a party.Come stroll the gardens and learn all about the great things our pollinators do for us. Participate in educational talks, walks and maybe even learn a few new dance moves. Pre-registration recommended. 

Night Wings
July 21 | 8 - 10 pm | $3 per person.

Learn about what goes WHOOSH in the night - BATS! Come take a walk with the Nature Center as we follow our batty friends and learn that the forest isn't so scary after dark. Pre-registration is highly recommended.