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Department Goals and Achievements

Chief Shelide recently marked his two-year anniversary as the department's Chief of Police.  Working with Deputy Chief Coil, Chief Shelide created a 2017 list of goals for the department, many of which have already been achieved.

- Continue an enhanced Citizen's Police Academy
- Continue full shift staffing with a K-9 officer
- Hire three additional police officers and one replacement officer
- Purchase additional patrol rifles (to cover all vehicles)
- Follow the master training plan, keeping the department's personnel well-trained
- Continue training and enhancing the Tactical Response Unit
- Continue the education of commanders at Northwestern University School of Staff and Command (two to graduate in June 2017)

- Hired one replacement officer
- Assigned new portable radios to all officers -- an extensive project
- Began a cooperative auto investigation with the Macomb County Auto Theft Squad (M.A.T.S.)
- Began a cooperative mobile field force with Macomb County Mobile Field Force
- Fully staffed the department's Traffic Bureau
- Ordered ten new patrol vehicles